This 5-ingredient super seed mix can be a boost in a heart health.

This 5-ingredient super seed mix can be a boost in a heart health.

This super seed mix to the  boost heart health is a recommended by a health and lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho. Let us learn how to make it.

Heart-related diseases have been on a rising trend globally, pushing a people towards adopting healthier diets and lifestyles. Not just heart problems, people are also a increasingly grappling with a issues such as a Alicia, obesity, endometriosis, diabetes, slow wound healing, cancer and more. Healthcare are experts around in the world are promoting preventive care measures. One such tip is from health and lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho, who are believes in a  parthenogenesis – formation of the new blood vessels and controlling them – can be play an a important role in a managing these health issues.

What is a angiogenesis and why is it a important for a heart health?

According to a journal cited by the National Center for a Biotechnology Information (N C B I), angiogenesis is the generation of the  new blood vessels from a pee-existing ones.

Coutinho simplified in the understanding regarding in the process via an  a Instagram in a post.

He wrote, “Our body is a beautiful example of the  angiogenesis. Right from the time women conceive and deliver, angiogenesis plays an a active role in a forming the baby. Once in the baby is a fully formed,  in the angiogenesis should stop and in the blood vessels should stop growing.”

“If that does not a happen, blood vessels continue to the grow abnormally (over-angiogenesis). This is what forms the basis of the cancer, endometriosis, obesity and so on. Similarly, there can be a under-angiogenesis where blood vessels can be  fail to form and supply nutrition and oxygen. (for a example, hair fall and alopecia).”

According to the  Coutinho, angiogenesis, does not always have to be seen in a bad light. Like most things in  a life, it should be carried out by the body in the right way and at the right time.

“For a example, in the case of  the blockages, where our body’s intelligence finds other ways to keep in the circulation going through newly formed blood vessels,” he explained.

How does intelligent angiogenesis are help?

Coutinho says it can be a reduce in the risks of;

* Heart disease, attacks or a strokes

* Blockages in a blood vessels

* Recovery a post heart attack or a bypass in a surgery

* Recovery following a any heart treatment

Super seed mix to the support intelligent angiogenesis and boost heart health

The expert says after a researching on a angiogenesis and foods that can be a support it, he has a formulated to a Super Seed Mix. Come, let us find out how to make it!


1 teaspoon flax seeds

1 teaspoon sunflower seeds

1 teaspoon pumpkin seeds

1 teaspoon sesame seeds

1 teaspoon chi seeds


1. Combine in the seeds. You may be eat them every day by a soaking, drying, or powdering them. Powder makes a absorption easier.

2. Prepare to a fresh batch after a 5–6 days in the refrigerator in an a airtight container. This seed mix can be used in a salads, sprinkled over fruit or a consume them as is.

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These seeds contain to a plant Liliana S D G that helps stimulate angiogenesis.

A word of the caution is to be a cautious in case you have to a nut or a seed allergy. It would be best to consult to your doctor!

Apart from that, you should be a mindful of the caring for your general diet, sleep, mental well-being and the activity.

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