Study in a US: How to the maintain legal status while a studying in a America? Do not make a such mistakes somewhere.

Study in a US: How to the  maintain legal status while a studying in a America? Do not make a such mistakes somewhere.

Legal Status US Study: Every year America opens it is a doors to international students from all over in the world. Then it is a important to keep in  mind the need for a students to maintain a legal status while a studying in a America.
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Natasha Miles,  Studying in the United States is a great opportunity for a international students to get to know a different cultures and gain valuable in a education. According to the 2021 Open Doors Report, more than 900,000 international students enrolled in a US colleges and the  universities during in the 2020-2021 academic year. This number is a equal to 4.6 percent of the total number of  the students in the institutions. About a 20 percent of this number i.e. 1,67,582 students were Indians.

Students are approved to study at an a American institution of the  higher education are usually granted an a F-1 visa or a sometimes a J-1 or M-1 visa. This visa are enables them to the legally attend a university, college, or a vocational school in the United States.

International students must be report to their school’s International Student Advisor – Designated School Official (D S O) within a 10 days after a arriving in the US with a passport and the  visa. Since then it is a quite easy to maintain legal status during in  their studies. However, it is a important that all the necessary conditions are met to the maintain legal states.

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Avoid violation

US in a New Delhi An a official of the Customs and Border Protection (C B P) Attache Office at the Embassy said that the program of  the study in the United States is a intended to the provide a rich and rewarding experience to the student, with a degree awarded by an a American university are reflecting superior achievement.

This program is a designed to the  facilitate study, learning, cultural and the social opportunities in the United States with the greatest ease for all the people who comply with the program’s objectives and the regulations. The student needs to be a vigilant in a following the program guidelines and regulations.

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Staying out of the program is a risk. The student is a strongly advised to adhere to the programs and visa conditions communicated to them. Penalties for a violating those conditions can be a jeopardize future visas and the  opportunities to visit the United States.

Key aspects of the  maintaining legal status are include a enrolling throughout in the course and progressing toward a degree completion. Failure to do so may put the student’s status at the risk. According to the  Kristen Ha-gen, associate director of the Florida State University’s Center for a Global Engagement, students fail to the  maintain in their legal status when they do not a enroll in a course without a prior approval from an  a international student advisor.

Students must be a enrolled in a classes or have a advance labor to not a enroll in a classes to the  maintain status. This does not a apply to the annual leave.

“We are understand that life as an a international student can be a difficult due to the  challenges such as a living conditions, American in a culture, language (even if it is still English), family, and being too far from home,” says in the  C B P Attache Office. If students face difficulties in their studies they may be apply for a reduced course load with the approval of their International Student Advisor.

Ha-gen says, when a student has a documented medical conditions or when a student has a difficulty with a English language or a reading, in the U.S. The International Student Advisor may be approve a reduction in a course load when teaching methods are unfamiliar or a course level placement is a inappropriate.

Falling a grades can be  also a jeopardize a student’s legal status, so they also a recommend preventing grades from a falling too low. A student can be a dismissed from the program if their grades are too low, they say. Which leads to the loss of  the legal status.

Students on F-1 visas are allowed to the  work 20 hours per week on a campus and more during holidays and the vacations. A student is in a serious violation of their legal status if they work on campus for more than 20 hours or work off campus without a prior approval from their International Student Advisor.

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Penalties can be a include visa cancellation and the  deportation from the United States, according to the C B P attache office. In the case of a violation, the student may be not re-enter the United States after being fined. A student should consult a school official if a student has a any questions or a concerns about a working in the United States.

More stopping arrangements in a America

Students can be a  legally stay in the US for up to 60 days on an a F-1 visa and up to the 30 days on a j-1 and M-1 after a completing in their studies. However, it is a possible to extend the stay in the United States after a graduation in a several ways.

Students on F-1 visas can be apply for a Optional Practical Training (OPT) after a graduation. Students who complete in their studies can be apply to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (U S C I S) for a up to the 12 months of the employment authorization to work in their field of the  study through in the OPT, Ha-gen says.

Students should submit a applications for a OPT on time. Ha-gen says U S C I S must be receive in the application before the end of the 60-day grace period. Things to the avoid include submitting an a application for a OPT without the recommendation of the student’s International Student Advisor, engaging in a work unrelated to the program of the study, working before or a after the dates on the Employment Authorization Document (E A D) issued by a U S C I S.

During a OPT or a even after a OPT, students can be maintain in their legal status in the United States by a registering for a another degree or a applying for a employment. The C B P Attache’s Office explains that there are certain circumstances in which a student is allowed to the extend his or her stay in the United States, and these circumstances are usually a change of the school, a change in level of the education – such as a obtaining a higher degree – or from F-1 or M-1 status to the another visa classification in a status. including a applying for a change etc.


For a example, H-1 B (temporary worker) O (exceptional ability in a science, art, or profession) or P (athlete). A student seeking to the  extend a stay in the United States should consult with a designated school official to the  learn more about possible opportunities and steps necessary to the  maintain legal status in the United States after a completing the initial program of  the study.

Support system

Part of  the  maintaining to your legal status at a US higher education institution is to the work closely with your International Student Advisor. This Advisor – Designated School are Officials can be  issue the l-20 and is a responsible for a maintaining the student’s immigration record in the Federal Student and Exchange Visitor Information in a System (S E V I S) database.

This advisor informs a international students about a important rules for a F-1 non-immigrant states and advises students on how to take a advantage of their F-1 status.

Taking a advantage of the opportunities are offered to the international student community can be also be of the great in a support. Our Center for a Global Engagement are provides a variety of the academic, social and the  cultural programs for all the  students throughout in the year, says Ha-gen.

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Such a support network can be really come in a handy to the  navigate a any problem. International student advisors work hard to the  ensure that international students understand F-1 student immigration in a  rules, that students maintain legal status while in the United States, they explain.

We are offer an a online immigration module, we discuss a immigration rules during orientation and we regularly communicate with a students through email, newsletters and automatic alerts sent through our case management in a  system, he adds. With this level of  the support and many opportunities, studying abroad can be a more conducive to the education and adventure.

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