Shopping can be done according to the zodiac sign on the day of Dhanteras, worship Lord Dhanvantari and Yamaraj on this date

  • Dhanvantari Dev appeared with nectar kalash on the thirteenth day of Vad Paksha of this month

The five-day Dipotsav is starting from November 12 this year. On the 12th is Dhanteras. Due to calendar differences this year, the 13th will also have thirteen dates. The astrologer of Ujjain, Pt. According to Manish Sharma, Dhanteras has a tradition of special worship of Lord Dhanvantari and Yamaraj. Shopping can also be done according to one’s zodiac sign on this date.

In ancient times the gods and demons churned the sea together. In this Manthan, Lord Dhanvantari appeared with nectar kalash on the thirteenth day of Vad Paksha of this month. Dhanvantari is the deity of Ayurveda. They are worshiped for good health. Worshiping Yamaraj on the day of Dhanteras removes fear. Shopping on this day is also important. If you buy things according to the zodiac sign on the day of Dhanteras, you can also get auspicious fruit from the astrological planets. Find out what items can be bought on the day of Dhanteras, from Aries to Pisces.

zodiac sign on the day of Dhanteras::

Aries: – It will be auspicious for people of this zodiac sign to buy gold, silver, utensils, jewelery, diamonds, clothes etc.

Taurus: – Gold, silver, brass, bronze, diamonds, computers etc. can be bought. You can also buy saffron and sandalwood.

Gemini: – This date will also be beneficial for land, building, plot etc. deals. On this day mugs, gold, silver etc. items can be brought home.

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Kirk: You can buy gold, silver, vehicles, jewelry, etc. Buying old things on this day should be avoided.

Lion: You can buy vehicles, electrical appliances, gold, silver, copper, brass, utensils, wooden goods.

Virgo: These people should avoid buying silver. Land, house etc. can be traded on this date.

Libra: You should maintain contentment at this time. Avoid investing. If you want to make an unnecessary purchase, do it in the name of another family member.

Scorpio: – Gold, silver, utensils, brass, clothes, iron and things made of it can be bought.

Dhan: Jupiter is in this zodiac sign. You can benefit from real estate. Precious metals can also benefit.

Capricorn: – Time will be very good for you. There are benefits to buying all sorts of things. It would be more auspicious to buy clothes and gold.

Aquarius: These people can buy books, vehicles, electronics, wooden furniture and home decor items.

Mean: – It is good yoga to buy things like gold-silver, gems etc. Invest wisely in the stock market. Clothing and jewelry can also be purchased.

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