How to Track Call | Top 10 call tracking software in india

How to Track Call | Top 10 call tracking software in india

You would n’t run a paid advertisements move without having the inquiring capacity in place to understand which advertisements are really driving results for your business. Indeed SEO and gratified marketing are quantitative in that you can track caller conduct to more understand the caching of your different plans. When it comes to deals, call shadowing software can help choose a number of problems. 

Yet, for all this focus on mark and control, numerous companies treat phone calls as a black box. Calls come by, and deals force affect, but nothing actually knows where they came from or why they worked. 

Call Shadowing software has the possible to change that. Formerly apply, deals brigades can use these operation for everything from mapping client website peregrinations former to on-phone closes, to relating option for enhancement across deals brigades. 

Of course, not all call shadowing software operation are created inversely. Before we gain into the stylish call shadowing software operation out there, let’s look at some of the common point you should suppose to find within the top results. 

Steps Involved in Call Tracking

Call tracking need you to maintain a few simple steps when setting a call on the website. The different steps include are-

Types of Call Tracking Methods 

There are four different system by which you can track a call. These are-

Call Number Tracking-Well, this is a current call shadowing near where you have to register the incoming calls on traditional waiters and delicate shadowing figures. It doesn’t involve any web- grounded features. 

Call- Back Function is a web- grounded call shadowing approach where the guests typically give their phone figures and request a message. The company organize or sets the call back by mobile or web approach. 

Dynamic Call Tracking-This is a system in which you must to change the phone figures of every frequenter who visits your website. You can complete active call shadowing by session shadowing and channel- grounded shadowing. 

Stationary Call Tracking-In the stable call shadowing process, you’re need to allocate two different figures for both online and offline selling end. Therefore, the number produce on your website will be further from the bone you have given in a billboard or a review announcement. 

The 11 feature of the Best Call Tracking Software

Latterly in this companion, we ’ll work great into the features that change one program from another. But no matter which of those choice or others you elect, you need look your call shadowing software to have the following quality 

1. Easy to Use 

What’s the point in gain a call shadowing software operation if it’s too hard to use? The stylish choice will be both easy to install and easy to device across your deals and marketing brigades. 

2. Intuitive Dashboard

You may must to test a many different results to figure out which instrument board makes the utmost notice to you ( check out choice that offer free trials for this purpose). Still, you are n’t going to use the operation, If you have to work for every nanosecond you must. 

3. Frequenter Biographies 

Your call shadowing software operation have give you the capacity to introduce frequenter biographies by catch relative data, involving the frequenter’s position, their device, and the time of the call, among other details. 

4. CRM Integration

Still, make sure the call shadowing software operation you elect combine with it so that relative details from the system’s frequenter biographies can be combine into contact records, If you ’re using a CRM operation for deals. That goes for any other key software operation your platoon is using as well. 

5. Scalability 

Sure, you might be a small platoon now. But what happens if your company grows? Can your call shadowing software expand with you? Check a program’s capability to gauge, as well as the costs connect with doingso.However, consider whether or not it ’ll still make a positive ROI for your platoon, If a operation gets notable more expensive at advanced situations. 

6. Real-Time Analytics 

Still, you ca n’t manage to stay until they ’re off to entry important inquiring information, If you ’ve got a frequenter on the phone. Viewing inquiring in real- time more your capability to deliver the type of customized call experience that’s more likely to affect in change. 

7. Real- Time and Literal Reporting 

The genius of call shadowing software is that you can use the data it catch to make after calls and on- point client peregrinations indeed more productive. But you can only do that if you have access to proper reporting tools, as well as the capacity to track reorganization rates and measure ROI. 

8. Customizable 

Your company is special. Your deals platoon is special. Your call shadowing software must be flexible and customizable enough to meet these special requirements. 

9. Call Recording 

Substantially if you plan to use your call shadowing software operation for deals platoon growth, make sure call recording is in place. This will allow the directors on your platoon to inquiry past discussion regularly in order to identify moment for enhancement. 

10. Keyword Tracking 

Rather, your call shadowing software must be suitable to tell you that a connection clicked your company’s website on the organic hunt results runner for a given keyword, navigated to fixed runners on your website, and also called you up. Without correct keyword tracking details, you are n’t getting the full picture of a contact’s history with your company. 

11. Intelligent Call Routing 

Several call shadowing software plan either offer their own IVR order or combine with others you may formerly be using. Anyway, what’s important is that they ’re able to work with these order to make sure calls are forcelly and brilliant transferred to the right person, platoon, or department. 

The 10 best call tracking software apps

Now onto the list! Check out the best call tracking software below.

1. Hubspot


Price: free

Free option: unlimited

HubSpot’s call tracking quality is make into their free CRM and Deals apartment, and because of that native service and combination, it’s one of my favorite choice. Not only does it given you call tracking and inquiring, but you can place calls from your cybersurfer without indeed picking up a phone. 


One click connects you to a anticipation by Voice Over IP or your office phone. Your calls will always come from your number, and an choice to record each call gives you safe records of your discussion. 

Of course, calls are automatically logged into the CRM as well, which, join with HubSpot’s free dispatch shadowing, give your deals platoon a seductive compatible experience so they can expend further time with anticipation. 

2. WhatConverts


Price: $30-$100+ per month (details)

Free Option: 14-day free trial available

WhatConverts is a total call shadowing, lead catch, and reporting platform giving druggies the power to “ See What Marketing Converts!” 

WhatConverts druggies are suitable to catch phone calls, forms, exchanges, and deals, and joinet each conduct back to the original marketing source. Its phone call shadowing service give a full- featured progeny using the newest technology to collect unthinkable details for each call. While the platform collect a lot of data, it also give reporting so that companies can fluently gain perceptivity from their call and marketing data. 

3. CallRail


Price: $45/month (details)

Free Option: Free trial available

CallRail is a marketing policy that helps businesses fast- trackgrowth.CallRail helps you fine- tune marketing plan drive further condition companion center dispatches and turn more companion into guests. 


Call Tracking, Form Tracking, and Conversation Intelligence discover perception over touch points along each client’s trip. Guide Center helps businesses join with guests on their terms with a combine inbox and integrated communication tools involving softphone textbook and converse. Over businesses global trust CallRail’s easy important marketing plan to gormandize- track and support growth. 

4. 800response


Price: Not available

Free Option: Unknown

800 response’s suite of real- time call shadowing and observe tools is the key to increase new client purchase and ameliorate communication with guests. 

With real- time lead shadowing reports, companion inquiring, and client communication inquiring, companies can get exact information on their incoming guests, catch client details to arrange and rank companion by crucial demographic allocate in order to get visibility into 100 of their client communication. 

5. ActiveDemand


Price: Free (phone number registration billed separately)

Free Option: Yes, for 1 user account

Call Shadowing is only one part of ActiveDemand’s larger SMB marketing automatic suite, so rate it if you ’re in the request for a full martech service. By moving to ActiveDemand, you ’ll get entry to call trait move, robo call juggernauts, and automatic lead issues. 

6. CallAction


Price: $155-$499+ per month (details)

Free Option: 14-day free trial available

Like various other stage featured here, CallAction help users with through call tracking, caller improve based on customer databases, and CRM union for transport call data to records.

One important feature, But, is its brilliant SMS automation for responding to missed calls, which makes CallAction a great choice for companies with mobile-heavy customer bases or for those that invest in SMS marketing.

7. CallFire


Price: $0.05 per minute/text to $599 per month

Free Option: Free trial available

Lower an enterprise- result and further of a summery tool, CallFire permit companies to elect original, risk-free, or transnational figures from CallFire’s database, as well as combine the system with their Google inquiring account or other inquiring data provider. 

On-the- go druggies will also regard CallFire’s custom announcements, which give important call details and access via dispatch or mobile device. 

8. CallSource


Price: Not available

Free Option: Unknown

A great select for those in appointment-heavy diligence similar as automotive, dental, hearing advisers, and home services, CallSource give full “ DealSaver” bus- cautions that trip when call factor fail to bespeak an appointment. In combination with CallSource’s inquiring scoring detail, this makes it possible to more openings, as well as to give performance guiding to call factor grounded on recorded calls. 

9. Convirza


Price: $29-$199+ per month (details)

Free Option: 30-day free trial available

According to the company’s website, “If you’re a small business owner or an new enterprise agency, Convirza has all the tools and solutions to help your marketing expend and results.”

Convirza’s quality list – which involve dynamic call tracking, dynamic call insertion, call inquiring , guide condition scoring, and online/offline marketing channel performance tracking – certainly support this statement out.

10. CrazyCall


Price: $11-$45 per user, per month (details)

Free Option: 14-day free trial available

CrazyCall is a pall- grounded calling software that permit businesses and deals platoon to capability their guests and companion with minimum-to-no trouble. What makes CrazyCall special is the ease of use – but the ease of use does n’t mean the failure of details. 

Druggies can track their calls per delicate figures, make use of bus dialer, call recordings, call transfers, live- harkening, and more. They can also make single calls, no matter what webpage they’re on with Click To Call appliance. The company’s through Calls detail has the latent to more client content, in addition to helping businesses growsemi-passively between the companion-generating message contrivance. 

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