Gujarat corona update date 5 september 2020

Gujarat corona update date 5 september 2020

According to the data released by the corporation, 119 positive deaths have been reported in Vadodara city and district today. Thus the total number of positive cases has risen to 8673 and today the official death toll has risen to 149 with 1 more death. A further 171 patients have been discharged from the hospital in Vadodara today. So far, a total of 7109 people have beaten Corona. Out of 1415 active cases in Vadodara, 140 patients are on oxygen and 59 patients are on ventilator and 1216 patients are in stable condition.

Corona cases were reported in these areas of Vadodara today
City: Waghodia Road, Panigate, Ajwa Road, Sama, Nizampura, Danteshwar, Harni Road, Warsia, Chhani, Navapura, Nagarwada, Gotri, Diwalipura, Atladara, Gorwa, Manjalpur, Makarpura, Tarsali, Wadi, Subhanpara, Fatehpura
Rural: – Koyli, Bhayali, Sevasi, Por, Angadh, Khatamba, Dabhoi, Padra, Karjan, Savli, Amodar

Vigilance Head of MS Uni. P.A. Corona became infected
Vigilance Head of MS University, Vadodara, P.P. Kanani’s P.A. Corona is infected. So the vigilance office has been closed for 3 days.

The highest 2100 cases in the North Zone
So far 8673 positive cases of corona have been reported in Vadodara city district. Out of which 1445 cases have been reported in East Zone, 1375 in West Zone, 2121 in North Zone, 1708 in South Zone, 1988 in rural Vadodara and 36 cases have been reported from outside cities and states.

There are currently 3837 people quarantined in Vadodara
Currently 4032 people have been quarantined in Vadodara city. Out of which 3830 people are quarantined in home quarantine and 7 people are quarantined in private facility.

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A spokesman for the World Health Organization, Dr. According to Margaret Harris, many vaccines around the world are in advanced stage clinical trials. None of these vaccines have been shown to be effective up to 50 percent in preventing corona. Any vaccine expected to be at least 50 percent effective during this period of the epidemic.

The third phase trial will take longer
Dr. According to Harris, Russia approved the vaccine by completing a trial in less than two months. It is being condemned by many scientists and governments around the world. In addition, according to the American company Pfizer, their vaccine will reach the people by October.

According to him, the third phase of each vaccine takes a lot of time. Only then can it be known how effective it is. In such a scenario we cannot expect massive vaccinations by the middle of next year.

Which vaccine is effective according to the standards
Dr. According to Harris, whatever vaccine trials are going on around the world, they need to disclose statistics and results to each other. The vaccine has been given to millions of people, but we do not know which vaccine is effective.

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