GUJARAT Corona update date 22 july 2020

GUJARAT Corona update date 22 july 2020

The incidence of corona virus is increasing day by day in Vadodara city. Along with that are dying every day in the treatment of corona. Six more patients, including a woman and a young man, died today during treatment for the corona virus. Former Superintendent and Gynecologist of Gotri Medical College, Vadodara, Dr. L.N. Chauhan has died at the age of 73 from the corona virus. He was admitted to Gotri Hospital for 3 days. His corona report came back positive.

Death of 6 patients during treatment of corona
-Dr. Superintendent and Gynecologist of Gotri Medical College Dr. L.N. Chauhan dies at 73
-Death of a 27-year-old man from the same area
-Padra’s 85-year-old female patient dies
-Death of 74 year old of Vasad
-Death of a 67-year-old man from Bharuch
-Death of 95 year old man of Walia taluka of Bharuch district

5 policemen positive, including the police commissioner’s gunman
Vadodara city police commissioner Anupamsingh Gehlotna’s gunman, driver and 3 policemen of his piloting car along with 5 policemen’s corona report came positive and the police system was shaken. However, all the reports of the police commissioner and his family being tested have come back negative.

19 positive cases were reported in Ruch today
A further 19 positive cases of corona virus have been reported in Bharuch district today. Dr. Bharuch’s Jeevan Jyot Hospital doctor. Ketan Doshi Corono’s report has been positive and he has been admitted to a private hospital in Vadodara. In Bharuch district, the number of positive cases of corona has reached over 700.

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Corona cases are on the rise in Bharuch
-8 Apr 01 Positive case
-16 June 100 positive case
-27 June 200 positive cases
-5 July 300 positive cases
-9 July 400 positive cases
-14 July 500 positive case
-17 July 600 positive case
-22 July 700 positive case

The total number of corona cases in Vadodara was 3757
According to the data released by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation, the total number of coronavirus positive cases in Vadodara and the city district has reached over 3757. A total of 3063 patients have been recovered in Vadodara so far. There are currently a total of 629 active cases in Vadodara, out of which 131 are on oxygen and 37 on ventilator-B pap and 461 patients are in stable condition. The official death toll is currently 65.

Cases were registered in this area of ​​Vadodara on Tuesday
City: Vasna Road, Chhani, Harni, Gotri Road, Karelibagh, Sama, Subhanpura, Majalpur, Hathikhana, Makarpura, Kalali, Mandvi, Akota, Tarsali, Mujmahuda, RV Desai Road, Fatehganj, Vaghodia Road, Tandalja, Ajwa Road Danteshwar, Diwalipura, Warsia
Rural: Dabhoi, Sindhrot, Savli, Vaghodia, Undera, Nandesari, Koyli, Sokhada, Padra


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