First Aid mobile application for Students and Teachers

First Aid mobile application for Students and Teachers called FAST.

The FAST mobile application is designed on First Aid for Students and Teachers, is an easy to use application with text and graphics used in appropriate proportion.
Application that everyone needs .. FIRST AID ..!
  A comprehensive encyclopedia for all first aid and all accidents and emergencies that may occur unexpectedly.
  Developed to raise awareness in the event of any emergency or sudden accident and to raise public awareness in non-specialized medical aspects to develop emergency capabilities.

  The application includes:

  – List of accidents and emergencies: with all the information and tips you need in case of emergency.
    – General information: Explain what first aid is, explain why learning first aid is important, and outline the purpose of first aid.
    – All About Blood (New): Learn more about your blood and find important information about blood facts, types and blood donation process.
    – First Aid Kit Contents: It is important to know what you should keep in your first aid kit, you will find a collection of supplies and equipment that are used to provide medical treatment.
  – List of emergency telephone numbers: Complete list of emergency telephone numbers by country.

First AID App અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

aplication has life saving skill sets, emergency nos for ambulance, acronyms for better retention and implementation and finally dos and don’ts for precaution.

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