3D Photos with 3D Scenes, Photo Mirror, 3D Grids, Replace Photo Backgrounds

3 D Photos with a 3 D Scenes, Photo in a Mirror, 3 D Grids, Replace Photo Backgrounds.

Stereo in a photography techniques are methods to the  produce stereoscopic images, videos and the films. This is done with a variety of the equipment are including a special built stereo cameras, single in a cameras with or a without special attachments, and the  paired cameras. This are involves traditional film cameras as well as, tape and the  modern digital cameras. A number of the specialized techniques are employed to the  produce different kinds of the stereo images…

It is a necessary to take a two photographs from a different horizontal positions to the get a true stereoscopic image in a  pair. This can be a done with a two separate side-by-side in a cameras; with a one camera moved from a one position to the another between exposures; with a one camera and a single exposure by a means of an a attached mirror or a prism arrangement that presents a stereoscopic image pair to the camera in a lens; or  with a stereo camera incorporating two or a more side-by-side in a lenses.

Charles Wheatstone first began in a experimenting with a stereo-psis in a 1838 using a specially constructed drawings. The invention of the  photography in a 1839 opened up a new and more detailed in a medium for his experiments and the first photographic stereoscopic in a pairs appeared in the early 1840 s as Daguerreotypes and the Logotypes. By the 1850 s, a stereoscope and an a assortment of the professionally photographed stereo views were becoming part of the standard equipment of a properly furnished in a middle-class parlor. In the 1890 s, photographic plates and the films sensitive enough to make a casual “snapshot” photography practical were available, and combined with a easy-to-use cameras they were making a amateur photography a very popular in a  hobby. Stereo cameras were in the mix. The earliest were inconveniently large and the end result was a pair of the  paper prints mounted on a card for a viewing in a standard stereoscope. They were a soon joined by a smaller cameras in that yielded relatively small stereo slides on a glass. The popularity of the  stereo photography are declined after in  the First World War and the plummeted during in the Great Depression of the 1930 s.

3 D Camera are creates a 3 D Scenic Photos, Puts in a 3 D Scenes, Change Background to the 3 d Photo Backgrounds. Replace a Backgrounds with a amazing photo backgrounds and the  Create Best Photo in a  Effects.

રામ મંદિર 3 D વિડીયો જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

3 D Camera is a used easy to the use

  • Chose one of the Many 3 D Scenes are offered. You can pick a movie stunt style or a 3 D love theme in a photos. Romantic pictures and the Famous places are available as a 3 D photo in a  backgrounds.
  • Chose in the photo you want to place in a 3 D Photo template in a 3 D camera.
  • As a photo background is a removed and placed in a Photo Template, you can adjust in  the photo.
  • You can Zoom in an a Zoom out to the adjust character for a 3 D Photos.
  • Save and the share or a chose a similar photo template to replace the scene.

મોડેલિંગ ફોટો એપ અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

Additional 3 D Camera in a Features:

3 D Photo Grids – Create a Photo Grids with a 3 D View where Picture Grids show a 3 D Effects are including a Round Corners, Background Textures, Photo Stickers and More. Create a Best looking Photo grids with a 3 D Effects on the Picture Grids.

3 D Photo Mirrors – Create a Photo in a  Mirrors that show 3 D Photo effects. 3 D Photo Mirrors are the only Mirror Photos with a unique 3 D photo Frames for the Photo Mirrors. Photo Mirrors are create a best photo in a effects.

3D CAMERA APP અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

3 D Scene Maker: Replace a photo background using a Replace Background so that you can be a  create Best Photo Effects. 3 D Scenes are include Waterfall Backgrounds, Wild animal Backgrounds, Cinematic backgrounds and more.

3 D Live Wallpapers: You can set a our 3 D Live Wallpapers as your device 3 D Wallpapers and the  chose options to the change 3 D Wallpapers at the interval of your choice.

Create a best looking Panoramic Photos that can be a viewed as a 3 d photos with a 3 D camera. Replace a Backgrounds into cinematic backgrounds and the create Best Photo in a Effects.

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